Maybe it’s because I’m stuck at work and really hungry, but the other week at the chip dip party we were talking about what we would eat as a final dinner on death row, and I really couldn’t figure out what I’d eat.  I think I have my final answers now.

-A meat tray sampler of different kinds of meat (steak, turkey, roast beef, lemon-pepper chicken, turducken, etc.)

-Baked potato with sour cream and chives

-Mashed potatoes with cheddar cheese and bacon melted in (yes, 2 different kinds of potatoes)

-Taco Bell chicken quesildila



-Reeces Big Cup

-And a nice microbrew or a mojito to wash it down



Background: They are in a dance marathon, winner gets the bar.  And someone feed Charlie a brownie laced with sleeping pills and cough syrup about 12 hours earlier.

Only watch the first 21 seconds, unless you need help deciphering what Charlie mumbled.


To be continued.


Right now, I want nothing more in life than to be done with school.  

I would give anything to not be in school anymore.


Can there be an Emmy award for the presentation of the Emmy nominees for Best Writing for a Comedy or Variety Series?  That would be great.


I wonder if I spoke every thought that ran through my mind, just like a stream of consciousness, if I would have half as many friends or double the friends that I have now?


Why would I want to make you my home page?